Welcome to Melbourne Muscular Therapies

If you have tried all kinds of therapy and are still in pain, we can help you.

Our Melbourne clinics in Collingwood, Richmond, Camberwell and South Melbourne specialise in deep tissue bodywork and unique corrective exercises to remove pain.

At Melbourne Muscular Therapies we specialise in eradicating long-term pain and sport injuries.

We pride ourselves on helping people when seemingly all other pain removal options have failed.

We have eradicated neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain (etc.), where the pain has persisted for many years without relief. In many cases we have achieved rapid results and complete removal of pain, especially in the neck, back and shoulder regions.


We also specialise in:

Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis pubis is common among young athletes, especially in AFL football. Osteitis pubis is best described as chronic groin pain, typically coming from the pubic symphysis, but affecting the entire groin and hip region…

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Knee Pain

A common cause of ongoing knee pain is due to muscle imbalances between the medial and lateral aspects of the upper thigh; these muscles heavily imapct on the stability of the knee and the correct tracking of the patella…

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Headaches &

The causes of headaches and migraines are quite broad…the one thing we always find is that tension in certain muscles of the upper back and neck refers pain into the head, causing the migraine…

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Hip Pain &

The majority of people suffering from ongoing pain deep in their hip is due to the intrinsic muscles which internally and externally rotate the hip joint. The pain is often misdiagnosed by doctors…

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