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Neck Pain

Mental Stress and Neck Pain:

People tend to hold tension in the neck region due to mental and emotional stress. The best way to explain why the body holds neck tension in this area is as follows:

When we feel happy and confident our neck and shoulder go back and our chest pushes out.

Conversely, when we are sad and depressed our shoulders hunch forward and neck drops down to somewhat close ourselves from the outside world. The physical changes and neck pain that these two different emotional states cause are so obvious that other people can pick up whether we are feeling good or bad on a particular day, simply by noticing our change in neck posture.

Physical Stress and Neck Pain:

Sitting at a computer desk for long periods of time will cause fatigue in the muscles of the neck and body designed to stabilise our posture. As these stabilising muscles become fatigued, more load is placed
on the neck as well as muscles designed to support and move our neck and shoulders. Due to the long periods of added load these muscles fatigue as well and begin to tighten (contract) creating pain and tension
in the region.

Repetitive actions will also cause the muscles in the upper back, shoulder and neck regions to become fatigued, causing unwanted knots and tension. For example, a storeperson packing boxes for long periods of time, or a hairdresser holding their arms out cutting hair all day, help to create neck pain.

Postural Stress and Neck Pain:

People who have poor posture will always be more susceptible to neck pain by holding tension in the neck and shoulders due to both mental and physical stress.


Tension present in the neck is removed through deep tissue treatment. Our neck pain removal techniques are designed to elongate the tight muscles in the neck and remove tension (knots). The best way to explain what we do is by using the analogy of Blu-Tack. When Blu-Tack is cold and you pull it apart it snaps, but as you knead it, the friction and heat from your hands makes the compound malleable so you can mould it to the shape you desire.

The fascia that surrounds one’s muscles is no different, this is why when you have a sore neck, it is at its worst when you wake up in the morning; if you move your neck and try to stretch it out, there is a catching feeling. However as you warm up, more movement is allowed and pain subsides. Our unique, complete hands-on approach, to headache and migraine eradication allows us to achieve the following:

The soft tissue and myofascia is warmed up through the heat and friction of our hands. Once the tissue becomes malleable, we gradually lengthen the muscles and remove trigger points (knots). The strokes we use are intuitive, slow and deliberate, meaning that we will reach your pain producing spots without you even telling us. Effectively, your soft tissue and myofascia is kneaded back into its resting (pain free) state, giving instant pain relief. As the tissue cools down, it stays set in its correct position, giving lasting relief from headaches and migraines.

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What others are saying about
Melbourne Muscular Therapies

“Marcus, thanks for your help and encouragement. But most of all, thanks for your wisdom! Do you remember how we started? Gentle exercises using the whole body. I hadn’t realised how inflexible I’d become. I still do these exercises and, as you suggested, I have incorporated the stretches and lunges into everyday tasks to maintain my range of movement. Driving the car would cause me such pain that I’d be in tears of despair driving to work. All that the doctors could suggest was walking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs but walking when my back was bad only worsened the pain. The tablets worked, but as time passed, I had to take them more and more frequently. I soon realised that this was not a solution. If anyone had said that to be cured of back pain forever I’d have to start lifting weights, I’d have thought they were crazy! However, that’s exactly what you did with me – light weights, then gradually more and more. This has given me stronger leg and back muscles which protect my lower back from the rigours of daily living, like driving, carrying shopping and gardening. I was so relieved to be recommended to you! You looked at me as a whole person and started making changes that would work for my lifestyle; I haven’t had to give up anything to incorporate the exercise plan into my daily life. The exercises make me feel good too. Now I can enjoy life! Again, thanks for being with me through this journey – I struggled a lot in the beginning, thinking that my back would never get better. You helped me see that I could actually eradicate my back pain."

Jane Coupland