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Headaches and Migraines Camberwell

Hi, Im Daniel Rodgers from Muscular Therapies Camberwell and on a day to day basis we help and cure people like yourself with ongoing pain.

Headaches and migraines are a huge concern for people living in Australia and across the world. While the causes vary it is apparent that evidence clearly suggest some key causes include biomechanical imbalances, dehydration, diet, hormonal related problems, stress, continual desk bound jobs or even an old reoccurring injury.

The facts are concerning to say the least with a person being hospitalised on an average of every 10 seconds with debilitating neurological symptoms including dizziness, nausea, tingling and sensitivity to light, sound and smell. Here at SCT we take this condition extremely seriously.

With an individual, specialised, tailored program designed for you and your condition we eradicate dysfunction treating the cause of your pain not just focusing on your symptoms. This is achieved with our unique form of treatment that is best suited for you via of SCT release program and NMF power training here at our Camberwell location.

Here are 3 tips in the meantime to help get you started in your own self care rehabilitation.

  • Hydration – as simple as it sounds water is often a great place to start with reducing headaches and migraines. While some cases might clearly be more severe than others we recommend hydrating your body and your system initially.
  • Self release – dating back to our research as far back as 1936 they find one of the primary causes of headaches came directly from the upper trapezius. By applying a moderate amount of pressure this can help reduce headaches and migraines enormously. Please don’t feel alarmed if you feel pain referring up your head as this is a referred pain potentially causing your pain.
  • Posture – a lot of headaches come directly from biomechanical postural imbalances. Get in the habit of keeping a correct posture to reduce shortening of the anterior muscles on your neck and lengthening of the posterior muscles on your back. This will help to reduce pain, inflammation and dysfunction present in your body.

Please call us on 9998 1988 or visit our website to make an appointment with one of our specialists at Camberwell today.

Thank you

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What others are saying about
Melbourne Muscular Therapies

“Marcus, thanks for your help and encouragement. But most of all, thanks for your wisdom! Do you remember how we started? Gentle exercises using the whole body. I hadn’t realised how inflexible I’d become. I still do these exercises and, as you suggested, I have incorporated the stretches and lunges into everyday tasks to maintain my range of movement. Driving the car would cause me such pain that I’d be in tears of despair driving to work. All that the doctors could suggest was walking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs but walking when my back was bad only worsened the pain. The tablets worked, but as time passed, I had to take them more and more frequently. I soon realised that this was not a solution. If anyone had said that to be cured of back pain forever I’d have to start lifting weights, I’d have thought they were crazy! However, that’s exactly what you did with me – light weights, then gradually more and more. This has given me stronger leg and back muscles which protect my lower back from the rigours of daily living, like driving, carrying shopping and gardening. I was so relieved to be recommended to you! You looked at me as a whole person and started making changes that would work for my lifestyle; I haven’t had to give up anything to incorporate the exercise plan into my daily life. The exercises make me feel good too. Now I can enjoy life! Again, thanks for being with me through this journey – I struggled a lot in the beginning, thinking that my back would never get better. You helped me see that I could actually eradicate my back pain."

Jane Coupland