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Shoulder Pain Richmond

Shoulder Pain Is Very Complicated but Richmond Clinic Can Stop It

Shoulder pain can severely limit you from performing day-to-day tasks. The causes of shoulder pain can be determined at the Richmond center for Muscular Therapy. Simple actions like reaching for a book or vacuuming can cause excruciating pain. We understand your pain and we can help relieve the pain. The shoulder joint is the most complicated joint in the human body. Some of the problems that may cause shoulder pain include:

  • Tendinitis
  • Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Joint inflammation and sprains


This condition is caused by injury and repetitive movement that is either damaging in itself, or the repetitive movement can cause an imbalance in muscle strength. One of the symptoms of this condition is a shooting pain running down the arm away from the shoulder. Most doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain drugs, and then rest assuming the condition will heal itself. However, any move back to the same repetitive movement will just start the whole problem over again.

Frozen Shoulder

This condition, known technically as adhesive capsulitis, tends to develop and worsen over time. You will lose mobility in the shoulder, which may prevent you from raising your arm above shoulder height. This is a very painful condition, and doctors tend to treat the pain instead of the underlying problems. Although it can be caused by an injury, the main cause is the incorrect positioning of the shoulder muscles to alleviate some other painful situation. For example if you have neck pain, you may be holding your shoulder in a way that causes the front muscles to tense up and grow stronger than the back muscles. This imbalance shifts the way the joint works causing it to go out of alignment. Pain and stiffness build up, and eventually movement is limited.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Most rotator cuff problems are caused by injuries. These can be sport related issues, as well as manual work injuries and car accidents. The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles, which control the movements and stabilize the shoulder joint. Any damage to one or more of these muscles can cause an imbalance and pain often follows. Sports like football and gymnastics can cause these types of injuries. Torn rotator cuffs may require surgery, as muscles do not heal themselves as bones do.

Joint Inflammation/Bursitis

Inflammation of any part of the shoulder can cause pain and may limit movement. The bursa is a small sack of fluid, which allows the shoulder joint to slide easily. The inflammation of the bursa will cause swelling and pain.

These types shoulder pain can be very debilitating. The problems will spread over other parts of the body as you try to alleviate the pain. This throws the body’s posture out of whack and pain may develop in places. Treatment can significantly reduce the pain and a realignment of the posture can solve the problems long term. Our offices in Richmond can help you to deal with shoulder pain and give you back a productive body.

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“Marcus, thanks for your help and encouragement. But most of all, thanks for your wisdom! Do you remember how we started? Gentle exercises using the whole body. I hadn’t realised how inflexible I’d become. I still do these exercises and, as you suggested, I have incorporated the stretches and lunges into everyday tasks to maintain my range of movement. Driving the car would cause me such pain that I’d be in tears of despair driving to work. All that the doctors could suggest was walking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs but walking when my back was bad only worsened the pain. The tablets worked, but as time passed, I had to take them more and more frequently. I soon realised that this was not a solution. If anyone had said that to be cured of back pain forever I’d have to start lifting weights, I’d have thought they were crazy! However, that’s exactly what you did with me – light weights, then gradually more and more. This has given me stronger leg and back muscles which protect my lower back from the rigours of daily living, like driving, carrying shopping and gardening. I was so relieved to be recommended to you! You looked at me as a whole person and started making changes that would work for my lifestyle; I haven’t had to give up anything to incorporate the exercise plan into my daily life. The exercises make me feel good too. Now I can enjoy life! Again, thanks for being with me through this journey – I struggled a lot in the beginning, thinking that my back would never get better. You helped me see that I could actually eradicate my back pain."

Jane Coupland