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Barefoot Brothers Courses

 ( Starting October 2022 !! )

 What is Barefoot Brothers about?

Everyone is talking about ‘doing the work’. Many spiritual and self help communities talk about ‘trauma work’, ‘healing’, ‘childhood wounds’, ‘shadow work’, ‘holistic therapy’ ……  but nobody seems to know what that actually means or how to do it in a practical way in their actual life.  Today we are bombarded with so many mixed messages and and ad hoc ideas that it can be confusing and we can get lost in the sea of information.

Most of us have a few major pain points which we keep reliving and not dealing with, which drain most of our energy and cause pain and bad results in life.  Imagine how much more money, time, and energy you would have if you could let go of these patterns.  Imagine the lifetime value of using that wasted energy for the things that matter to you. Rich experiences, satisfaction, productivity, being a role model for others, and leading a life you are proud of. 

Barefoot brothers is a practical approach to cut through all of the flowery language – ‘awakening, self love, evolution, authenticity…’  and distilling it down to practical framework, so that you know what to do, what to expect, and not get lost int the process. Teaching you how to fish (with your own self work) so that you have a guideline, and can take the skill of self mastery on for the rest of your life!

Understand yourself better, break the bad patterns, heal, and make real change in your life.  Fuckyeah!

 *  Raise self awareness  – mental, emotional, physical, energetic

*  Understand internal patterns  –  coping strategies / habits / childhood wounds

*  Heal your wounds  – learn the process and practice of healing yourself

*  Learn a framework for ongoing self work

*  Learn Emotional Regulation  – rather than being a slave to reactivity from external triggers 

*  Gain Meaning and Inspiration – Enjoyment and vitality, instead of merely going through the motions

*  Self Empowerment  –  Take responsibility and create your own life

*  Increase Authenticity and Self Confidence  – know yourself and what matters to you

*  Healthy Boundaries – know what your willing to accept in your life and where to draw the line

*  Communication – Know yourself and how to communicate it unashamedly with high fidelity

*  Better Decision Makin– Learn to make choices which align with your true self and best life

Get under the squat rack!  –  In the gym, it is not the fancy exercises, the magic pill, or the sexy pair of lulu lemons your wearing which get you the results you want.  It is engaging in the simple, boring, unglamorous, but necessary exercises in an incremental fashion which move you towards your goals. Learning the right techniques, honouring the appropriate loading, and having a good plan is what is required.

Whether it’s in relationships, work, or health – if you have negative thoughts or emotions which are getting in the way of you living your best life, and you are done with it, and willing to take responsibility for your life an do the unglamorous, unsexy, mundane but necessary work to change it, then this course is for you!





Online Course   

 (6 Week Course) – Starting October 2022!

* Weekly Group Zoom Sessions  (Workshop) – Estimated Value $697

      – 7 x weekly 90 minute group online workshop (with a small closed circle of participants over 6 weeks)

      – Work through the weekly exercises and content (physical, emotional, and mental exercises)

      – Group sharing of experiences and learnings

* 1 on 1 Sessions – Estimated Value $497

      – 3 x 1 on 1 sessions (1 hour duration) with facilitator (Dorf)

      – Designed to dig deep into personal blocks and patterns and develop personal strategies to create better patterns.

      – Can be taken at any time during the course at the participants discretion.

* Online Portal Access – Estimated Value $697

      – Videos – guiding you through content and activities relevant to each week (Over 20 hours video content)

      – Audio meditations and worksheets designed for each stage of the course

          *(Portal access will be given from time of payment until the end of the course – 24/7 access)

* Online Group Chat – Estimated Value $197

      – Closed group chat, where participants can ask questions and share experiences in between group sessions.

Total Estimated Course Value – $2088

Course Price – $1097

In Person Course

(6 Week Course) – Starting October 2022!

* Weekly In-person Group Sessions  (Workshop) – Estimated Value $697

      – 7 x Group sessions (1.5 hr duration) with facilitator (Dorf) and the rest of the group

      – Discussion group designed to work through the weekly exercises and content (In person).

      – Group sharing of experiences and learnings

        * In person sessions will be held at the Ferntree Gully or Richmond Clinic (Melbourne, Australia 3156) 

* 1 on 1 Sessions. – Estimated Value $497

      – 3 x 1 on 1 sessions (1 hour duration) with facilitator (Dorf)

      – Designed to dig deep into personal blocks and patterns and develop personal strategies to create better patterns.

* Online Portal Access. – Estimated Value $697

      – Over 20 hours of relevant video content

      – Audio meditations designed for each stage of the course

        * (Portal access will be given from time of payment until the end of the course) *

* Online Group Chat. – Estimated Value $197

      – Closed group chat, where participants have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences during the course.


Total Estimated Course Value – $2088

Course Price – $1097


Testimonials.  “I’ve learned more here in the first 2 weeks, then I have working with a psychologist for 2 years” – Jayden

– dependency on psychologist




– Have more authenticity in your life so you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not

 Stop wasting ridiculous amounts of energy and time on re-emerging emotional and mental patterns.

 nderstand your own habits and patterns, so you can make better life choices

– Have more authenticity in your life so you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not

– Have more enriched relationships with better communication and reduced drama

– Gain more clarity in decision making
– Understand the process of therapy and healing so that you have the skills to keep improving on your own after course completion.
– Heal old wounds so that you don’t need to feel as much pain, and are not at the mercy of your typical triggers.



How to Apply – Appointment only

Apply by clicking the yellow ‘Apply Now’ button and fill in the form.  We will contact you to determine whether Barefoot Brothers is right for you.

Email Dorf for more information :




General Description

Barefoot brothers is a closed group for men where we will use the group support to uncover and heal re-emerging dysfunctional emotional and thought patterns which drain our time and energy. Through a process of understanding ourselves better and raising our awareness of our personal triggers and patterns, we can learn to recalibrate ourselves and use our bodies and minds in a more functional and optimised way.  Through healing and reconciling our weaknesses we can become more sophisticated in how we manage our emotions and thoughts, enabling better decision making and communication which allows us to get the most out of our careers and relationships.  Having a closed group of men allows us to fully let our guard down so that we can work on the real stuff. Drop the masks. Be ourselves. Have fun, and get shit done!  Over the 6 weeks we will be using a range of techniques and exercises not limited to bioenergetic movement, writing tasks, emotional and energetic exercises, meditations, breathing practices etc. to dig into negative and stuck holding patterns of thinking and emotion which keep us locked in the same negative actions and life experiences.


This is not for the faint hearted.  We are only interested in men who are committed to making real positive shifts in their lives. No different to training in the gym – improving our mental and emotional health requires consistent revisiting to the area of challenge. On the surface this may look different to doing some good reps under the squat rack, but the principle is the same. Sometimes we need to ‘shut up and squat’. This course is the ‘work’ on the emotions and mind, that the ‘squat’ is in the gym.  It’s not about pretending to be something you’re not, or being stifled by the things and people around you. It’s about accepting who you are, and living unapologetically as your best authentic self.



 Course Content

The intention for this course is for each participant to work through and heal the major mental/emotional issue in their lives at the current moment.  In this culture, it is not well understood how to manage and reconcile negative thought and emotional patterns. We all use coping strategies such as avoidances or distractions to never honestly look at the things we need to in order to heal and move forward in our relationships, business, and health.  As such, these patterns continue to re-emerge and create pain in our lives which drain our energy, time and money, and prevent us from living the most enriched lives, and being our best selves. Topics such as


 Weekly Structure

Each week there will be video content with relevant theory. The weekly group sessions will include open sharing, and discussion of relevant theory, but mostly of the time in the sessions will be spent on real-time demonstrations of exercises which dig as deep as possible into whatever part of the healing process is necessary. Through this process the participants will be able to witness the healing process in real time and experience it for themselves. We learn by doing, so it is my intention to dive as deep as possible so that the participants can continue to deepen the process during the week in between sessions.   Exercises will be mental, emotional and physiological in order to shake up theses patterns from multiple vantage points.


The course content includes, but is not limited to the following topics – understanding therapy, healing, trauma, boundaries, embodiment, coping strategies, patterns, development principles, conscious communication, awareness, responsibility, attachment to beliefs, the growth journey, nervous system regulation, meditation, growth mindests, authenticity, free-will, needyness, sex, dating, shame, and much much more!

    About Your Coach, Dorf.

    In my time working at Melbourne muscular therapies, I have worked with thousands of clients with the aim of improving their physical health. The common starting point for this recovery, is a pain point or physical dysfunction. Yet, by only focusing on the physical repair on the body without changing any lifestyle or physical patterns, these issues would eventually re-emerge.  Addressing the direct physical issue is important for short term coping, but for long term health and prosperity, we need to be identifying and going to work on the causes of the issue.  This lead me to the realisation that the most important work I was doing was educating clients about pathways to physical recovery, but more importantly helping people to raise their self awareness about the habits and patterns giving rise to their issues, and to take full-responsibility for them.

    Through digging deeper with clients into the real causes of the issues, I began to realise that often the core issues could be related to physical habits, mental stress, relationship dynamics, and literally any aspect peoples lives.  The holistic nature of the origins of peoples issues became clearer and clearer.  For example, jaw grinding, neck pain, headaches, and migraines, are often present with negative mental patterns or stressors which could usually be identified very quickly, but may never have occurred to the client.  Witnessing many recovery journey lead to my understanding of how all parts of the human life are inextricably related. So to neglect one aspect of healing, is to neglect the whole body. 

    The healing process of the physical body serves as a great analogy for other types of therapy.  Identifying the pain point or dysfunctional points, working to unpack and heal the area through the appropriate attention, and then making adjustments to the physical patterns causing the issue, is true for mental and emotional therapy just as much as it is true for physical therapy.  We can unpack trauma, and create new patterns and habits, in order to optimise a persons function based on their unique body and desired lifestyle.  Whether we are operating from coping strategies we used to win love from our parents during childhood, ignoring or rationalising the dysfunctional patterns and blaming the outside world for the state of our lives, or whatever else, we are all capable of raising our awareness of ourselves and changing our lives for the better.

    Again using the principles of training and developing the physical body as an analogy for the development of other areas – building up incrementally and revisiting our challenge points over time, our weak points become stronger, and we become more robust and functional humans.  This analogy can be used for mental and emotional development as well as physical.  Given the amount of energy and thought we spend on physical health and healing in this culture, I would estimate that the psychological and emotional aspects of our health are being neglected. Thats’ were this course comes in.

    To this point, I have largely focused on the physical healing, but in this course we will be using the same principles and philosophies of physical healing, and be using them to heal mental and emotional trauma.  Attending to the emotional or psychological pain points where we have reoccurring negative patterns, unpacking them and creating new ways of managing ourselves, so that we are more optimised. This process takes radical honesty, so that we can identify all these points clearly, get better clarity about how we are handling ourselves and reacting to our environments, and then making the necessary adjustments to optimise our lives.  This process can be challenging and painful, but in my experience, this is necessary on the road to changing ourselves and our lives.  Applicants to this course will be sincere in doing the work that is required to change.  If you have a negative emotional or thought pattern which is taking too much time or energy and getting in the way of the life you’d like to have. If  you are serious about making a change, dropping the bullshit,  Getting honest, and taking responsibility for your life, then this course is for you!



    What does the 6 Week course entail?
    This course will be broken down into different pathways of processing, including psychological, emotional, energetic, physical, etc.  These pathways will each include various exercises to dig into the self and uncover unconscious or conscious patterns.  Some examples are different breathing exercises, meditations, explosive exercise, bioenergetics, sharing circles, eye gazing, gestalt therapeutic techniques, and many many more.


    How Will the course benefit me?
    This course will assist in raising your self-awareness, and help you take more responsibility and control of your life. You may uncover and process unconscious trauma, unhealthy patterns of behaviour and thinking so that you can get rid of shit that is not productive for your life.

    How much is the course?

    $497 for the entire 6 Week Course (must be paid Week 1)

    What if I'm a beginner to all this?
    We have designed this course so that we can meet you where you’re at. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner to process work and therapy. All that is required is that you show up, be fully present, and commit to the process.

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