Kinesiology now offered at mmt!

We are pleased to announce that MMT is now offering Metaphysical & Emotional Kinesiology. If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, unproductive, stuck, or generally stressed, we strongly encourage you to connect with our resident practitioner, Ashleigh Hodgson!

Kinesiology Melbourne 

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that relies on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess energy and body function throughout the mind/body system. 

The modality primarily relies on muscle testing, which is a natural bio-feedback mechanism that supplies information via nerve pathways and meridian systems. The muscle, which is usually the arm, is placed in a position of optimal contraction, with the aim to shorten and straighten the muscle fibres to identify a stress.

By using muscle reflect testing and applying a range of non-invasive and gentle, yet powerful techniques, Kinesiologists are able to instantly access holistic information held by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind holds our memories, thought patterns and beliefs, and once tapped into this, Kinesiologists are able to identify and locate energy blockages, stresses and imbalances within our physical and metaphysical being.

Who can benefit from Kinesiology?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a Kinesiology session. The aim is to clear stress, energetic imbalances and find clarity for the individual.

As individuals, we all experience some form of stress – whether it be big or small, it doesn’t matter, how our bodies experience it and hold it will show up in the same way. Our bodies begin to speak to us to show that the stress/pain that we have been through is now repressed or pushed down in our system. When ignored, this repressed stress/pain can begin to show up as physical or mental pain; causing spiritual, emotional and mental imbalances felt throughout the body. 

Working with Ash, you will be able to move through these old emotions, blockages, belief systems, patterns and behaviours that are holding you back and keeping you from moving forward. 

How can the imbalances, stress or pain be cleared?

A person may have imbalances in their mind, body or spirit that will need certain remedies to bring back into balance. A block or imbalance can manifest in the form of physical pain, mental pain, dis-ease, negative thoughts, anxiety or stress. By using quick and specific muscle testing, we can identify the underlying cause of the stress.

Remedies can be used in order to clear the root cause of the emotional/mental/physical or spiritual imbalance. Remedies can include the following:

  • Acupressure points
  • Crystal remedies
  • Essential Oils
  • Sound healing
  • Oracle Cards
  • Colour therapy
  • Affirmations
  • Goals
  • Energy healing
  • Clearing sprays

Kinesiology is an amazing natural therapy that can bring about change on all levels; structural, emotional, nutritional, psychological, energetic and spiritual, enabling your body to naturally heal itself and align you to your truth and essence that lives within you.

Meet Your Practitioner, Ashleigh Hodgson 

Ash is a natural when it comes to helping others, she has a high sense of intuition and compassion that enables her to connect to others with ease.

Ash is an avid reader, with a keen interest in self-development, spirituality and psychology.

Having completed her Bachelor in Psychology and Cert in Holistic Counselling, Ash is keen to expand her knowledge base and will be undertaking a course in Emotional/Metaphysical Kinesiology throughout the year which she will be incorporating into her sessions. 

As a Holistic Counsellor, Mind/Body Energetic Practitioner and Meditation/Breathwork Facilitator, Ash is passionate about bringing your spiritual, mental and emotional health into balance. Through her own interactions along her holistic healing journey, Ash understands the ups and downs we all go through, and offers a sincere and genuine approach to her sessions with clients

Ash has a variety of techniques and tools that assist with easing and controlling anxiety, silencing negative self-talk & belief patterns, overcoming intrusive thoughts and trusting in your relationship with self and with others.  

Ash offers clients a warm, calm and nurturing approach to build confidence within themselves to overcome the challenges, obstacles or boundaries being faced and achieve their full potential spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Ash will be there with you every step of the way and offer clarity when life can feel foggy.

Through her holistic approach, Ash looks at the whole person and the environment that they’re in. in order to achieve balance and a sense of fulfilment in her clients life.



How Can These Sessions Benefit Me?

Kinesiology can be an amazing way to tap into the sub-concious mind in order to get perspective and a better understanding on the core of your main stressors. Ash will then recommend some healing mechanisms and offer advice about how to overcome and better handle these problems. 

How Much Do These Sessions Cost?



Ash is still in training, therefore these sessions are signnificantly discounted. 

45 Minutes: $50

Are These Sessions Confidential?

Yes absolutely 100% confidenfitial. 

Ash will not share information about the sessions without your consent. 

What Should I Do Before My Session?

Come to the session with an open mind and heart. 

Think of your biggest stressor at this present moment, and Ash will attempt to clear and balance it for you. 

|Melbourne Based Locations|

Based at two locations, services at Melbourne Muscular Therapies are easily accessible. With locations in Melbourne's inner city & eastern suburbs, your favourite practitioners are never too far away. Book now to experience the Melbourne Muscular Therapies difference today.


260 Bridge Road

Richmond VIC 3121

Call: (03) 9998 1988

Opening Hours

Monday: 8am - 9pm

Tuesday: 7am - 9pm

Wednesday: 7am - 9pm

Thursday: 7am - 9pm

Friday: 7am - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 7pm


1/91 Dorset Road

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

Phone: (03) 9998 1988

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am - 8pm

Tuesday: 9am - 8pm

Wednesday: 9am - 8pm

Thursday: 9am - 8pm

Friday: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



Melbourne Muscular Therapies

260 Bridge Road

Richmond VIC 3121

Open 7 Days


Melbourne Muscular Therapies

1/91 Dorset Road

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156


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