Lift Club is an empowering series of group training classes that are offered at Melbourne Muscular Therapies. Lift Club offers our clientele and the greater community a space to continue rehabilitation, improve fitness, strengthen the body, and empower the mind whilst still respecting human biology and functionality. Class structure and theme differs from day-to-day, however all classes ensure the restoration of pure human movement and function.

Unlike most group training classes that currently flood the industry, our classes are run by professionals that have expert understanding of human movement. Class sizes are regulated to ensure that each attendee is under the careful watch of our practitioners to ensure all movement patterns are being performed in the correct manner. If you are sick of the stereotypical fitness industry and gimmicky group training, get down to Melbourne Muscular Therapies – experts in functional fitness. 


$20 PER CLASS – $10 for every extra class completed in that same week. (2 classes $30 – 3 classes $40 etc)

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Lift/Sprint Club Weekly Structure – RICHMOND

Monday 7pm-8:30pm – RAW POWER LIFT CLUB – Darcy Kennedy

Tuesday 7am-8am – HUMAN BIOMECHANICS/POSTURE – Hayden Mitchell/Darcy Kennedy

Tuesday 7pm-8:30pm RAW POWER/HUMAN BIOMECHANICS & POSTURE – Jason Cowland 

Wednesday 6:30pm – 8pm LADIES LIFT NIGHT – Tim Hosking

Thursday 7pm-8:30pm – RAW POWER/HUMAN BIOMECHANICS/POSTURE – Aaron Kiegaldie

Thursday 6:30-8pm – SPRINT TRAINING – Marcus Sinfield

Friday 7am-8am – HUMAN BIOMECHANICS/POSTURE – Aaron Kiegaldie

Saturday 7am-8am – SPRINT TRAINING – Aaron Kiegaldie

Lift Club Weekly Structure – KILSYTH

Monday 7pm-8:30pm – RAW POWER PRIMAL LIFT CLUB – Marcus Sinfield

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm – RAW POWER HUMAN BIOMECHANICS/POSTURE – Aaron Kiegaldie


RAW POWER NIGHT – Monday Night – Marcus Sinfield


RAW FUNCTION  – Tuesday Night – Jason Cowland