What We Do

Melbourne Muscular Therapies consists of a team of Qualified Myotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists, Soft-Tissue Specialists and Exercise Science Practitioners. All practitioners are proficient in our internally developed and trademarked Myofascial Muscular Therapy | Deep Tissue Massage (Solidified Connective Tissue Release – SCT Release). Our team are also experts in Neuromuscular Facilitated Power-Training  (NMF-Power Training) and Functional Movement Rehabilitation, which are used to restore pure, functional human movement to all our clientele.

These unique methods are proven to eliminate pain and dysfunction, whilst also improving strength, functional mobility and pure human movement. We are experts in eliminating chronic pain and guarantee to fix Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and every other form of pain throughout the body!

The links below give a great understanding of the journey one takes when entering the doors at Melbourne Muscular Therapies….

1. Initial Consultation –


2. Deep Tissue Massage (SCT Release) – Pain Elimination


3. Muscular Activation – Postural Correction – Patterning 


4. Neuromuscular Facilitated Barefoot Power Training –


5. Deep Tissue Maintenance/Sports Massage –