4. Neuromuscular Facilitated Barefoot Power Training –


Neuromuscular Facilitated Barefoot Power Training (NMF Power Training) at Melbourne Muscular Therapies is centered around two functional power/strength training lifts, the ‘Foundational Deadlift’ and the ‘Primal Power Squat’. In order for the body to fully recover from injury and pain, muscle recruitment and firing patterns must be corrected. The correct execution and completion of these lifts under heavy load will generate muscle activation and increase stabilizing forces, which become inactive when pain and injury occur.
At Melbourne Muscular Therapies, we have engineered our own technique and perspective of these two functional lifts. The barefoot component of our power training is vital, as this builds proprioception and ground reaction force through the feet, which is inhibited through inappropriate footwear. The ‘Foundational Deadlift’ (exclusive to Melbourne Muscular Therapies) is a power movement designed for increasing function of the posterior chain. The ‘Primal Power Squat’ (exclusive to Melbourne Muscular Therapies), is a natural squat that does not cause knee pain and a ‘jamming’ of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine. The Primal Power Squat is a Glute and Core dominant squat, which will correct Lumbopelvic hip dysfunction.

Take a look at the following videos to gain insight into the Lifting Techniques used at Melbourne Muscular Therapies in order to rehabilitate and improve human function.