Today I’d like to talk to you about Lower Back Pain,

Does this sound like you or an individual you know?– “I had invested virtually hundreds of dollars on physio’s and chiro’s and everything else in-between . I tried everything to obtain a long term fix, but after seeing a great number of experts I bought into their opinion that my back discomfort was something I would just need to live with.”

Lower Back pain is the most typical condition that we treat at MMT and despite exactly what you hear from most back professionals– 97 % of Back Pain is 100 % curable and in most cases the pain isn’t really originating from the spinal column or its intervetebral discs.

So where is it originating from? The fact is that muscles are the main source of chronic back discomfort, and muscle discomfort can easily be treated without surgical treatment or medications.

Ok … so what creates it?

Of course, causes for back pain differ from person to person. What is important to recognise is that the length or level of back discomfort you are experiencing is not necessarily a sign of how ‘bad’ your back really is. Regardless of whether the discomfort is 3 months old or 3 decades old, the answer to bad backs is the same. Address strength imbalances, address postural imbalances, get rid of swelling and take pressure away from the spinal column. You will certainly be impressed at just how quickly our techniques have actually removed back pain, even in individuals who have been told they have no hope.

We use a special kind of hands on treatment called SCT (Solidified connective tissue) release?, which is a combination of deep tissue manipulation and myofascial release, dedicated to melting the restricted connective tissues causing your pain and or dysfunction. SCT Release is the most concentrated, deep and effective style of hands on treatment available for chronic pain and restriction.

We are not massage therapists. We do not relax your muscles, only to have that tension and pain return. We do not skip over key areas of dysfunction, wasting time working on areas that do not need it.

“They gave me a plain English explanation about why I was in pain and how they could eliminate all my discomfort by dealing with the source, not simply the symptoms. I immediately knew that MMT was different to every other clinic and that they could really correct my back for good. After a few treatments, the pain lowered significantly. I was pain free for a couple of days at a time (the first time for over 7 years). After 6 weeks, not only was I completely discomfort free, but I felt stronger than I had actually done for years.”

This is not a guarantee that you’ll be pain free in 6 weeks, simply an example of the type of work that we can do. For more examples check out our lower back pain testimonials page or some wonderful video clips on our youtube channel.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment give us a call on (03) 9998 1988.

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