|What Is Bodywork?|

Bodywork is the unique form of deep tissue massage that is offered by all practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies. This form of effective manual therapy is the cornerstone of our business, and is truly what sets us apart. 

Quite simply put, bodywork is massage without oil. We use a bees wax and coconut oil formula which allows us to create friction and gain purchase into the skin, fascia, muscles, and tendons in order to effectively manipulate them to get a desired outcome. 

These outcomes can come in many forms, such as pain relief/elimination, increased mobility, and also enhanced performance and function. When working into the fascia, we can also have improve relaxation, decrease stress levels, and even release past emotional trauma.

Our unique form of Bodywork is the reason we have an abundance of loyal and satisfied customers and over 400+ 5 Star google reviews. 

If you are in need of effective treatment, either for pain elimianation or you just love receiving massage, book in with one of our amazing practitioners today. 

We have over 400+ 5 star google reviews from satisfied customers that have been through our clinics over the years. 

If you want to read about some of our many success stories, head over to google and check out the countless 5 star reviews for both our Richmond & Ferntree Gully clinics.

We pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned in order to get our customers the results they desire.

|Meet The Team|

Handpicked and trained in MMTs signature deep tissue massage for the best results in Melbourne. We are passionate, dedicated, and invested to ensure we deliver the exact session you need.

|Our Core Principle|

Our core principle to treating and rehabilitating the human body is ‘clean first, build second’

This refers to the process of receving bodywork to clear the pain, free up the body, and improve mobility before commencing exercise rehabiliation, movement training, and strength/conditioning. 

The combination of regular bodywork, heavy lifting, and sprinting is what we believe is the key to a functional & reliable body. 

Click below to learn more.



Using our ‘cutting edge’ deep tissue massage techniques, we aim to ‘clean’ the body of all pain,
tension, stiffness, and restriction.



Once the foundations are clean and the pain has
decreased,we aim to build strength, improve posture,
enhance movement, and increase performance
using our innovative Barefoot Exercise Rehab Techniques.

|Feel Like You Want More?|


Our practitioners also offer personal and group training as part of our service offerings. The physical training we offer can range from corrective exercise and postural training, heavy compound lifting, and barefoot sprint coaching. 

We have an array of experience and results with working with both elite level professional athletes and everyday humans.

If you’re in need of some cutting edge, fun, and effective personal training, try one of our practitioners today.


If you’ve followed us for a while and are keen to learn how to become an MMT practitioner, you’re in luck!

Ninja & Aaron run two online student intakes per year, where we teach you everything we know about bodywork and how to run a bodywork business.

These intakes are available for anyone who is passionate about helping others and is willing to take a deep dive into bodywork. Click the link below to learn more and book your enrolment interview.

|Melbourne Based Locations|

Based at two locations, services at Melbourne Muscular Therapies are easily accessible. With locations in Melbourne's inner city & eastern suburbs, your favourite practitioners are never too far away. Book now to experience the Melbourne Muscular Therapies difference today.


260 Bridge Road

Richmond VIC 3121

Call: (03) 9998 1988

Opening Hours

Monday: 8am - 9pm

Tuesday: 7am - 9pm

Wednesday: 7am - 9pm

Thursday: 7am - 9pm

Friday: 7am - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 7pm


1/91 Dorset Road

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

Phone: (03) 9998 1988

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am - 8pm

Tuesday: 9am - 8pm

Wednesday: 9am - 8pm

Thursday: 9am - 8pm

Friday: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



Melbourne Muscular Therapies

260 Bridge Road

Richmond VIC 3121

Open 7 Days


Melbourne Muscular Therapies

1/91 Dorset Road

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156


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