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Only getting short-term relief following a deep tissue massage? Are you fed up with that tight, niggling, annoying pain in your body? Remedial Massage at Melbourne Muscular Therapies is unlike any form of massage you might have experienced. 

Remedial Massage Melbourne

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What is Remedial Massage therapy?

Remedial massage is therapy aimed at facilitating the restoration of soft tissue dysfunction through manual therapy.  A number of techniques are used, drawing from physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopedic testing to name a few.  While massage techniques are used, your remedial therapist is not limited to them alone.  While some of the techniques might sound like gibberish they are very effective in offer relief to those suffering from pain or experiencing a limited range of motion.

Some common Remedial Massage techniques


  • Joint mobilisation
  • Myofascial release (MFR) – Myo is Latin for muscle, while fascia refers to connective tissue.
  • Trigger point therapy is the application of sustained pressure to myofascial knots that are hyperirritable, palpable muscle fibers

There are more in a remedial therapists arsenal which you’ll see demonstrated throughout the site.

Our unique SCT Release and the benefits of our style of Massage

Solidified Connective Tissue Release (SCT Release) is an internally developed method and strategy of remedial massage that is exclusive to practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies. SCT Release accesses areas of pain within the human body that no other form of remedial massage can. Treatment is delivered in a way that is slow, deliberate, intuitive, and patient in order to manipulate, stretch, and release solidified tension and pain within the body. Developed over 20 years ago by founding practitioner Marcus Sinfield, SCT Release has been proven to create flow, heal, release, and eliminate even the most chronic forms of pain and dysfunction within the body.

The MMT difference

SCT Release is a deep form of Myofascial Release (Deep Tissue Massage), which targets musculotendenous junctions, tight muscles, bound up fascia, compressed nerves, and general solidified connective tissue. The depth and slow pace of our treatment allows us to target these areas in order to ultimately eliminate all pain. Over time, lack of movement, previous injury, poor biomechanics, bad posture, and emotional events can lead to tight and compressed muscles, neuromuscular guarding, dehydrated and angry fascia, which will cause pain. If left untreated, these issues can end up being chronically deep seeded within the body. 

SCT Release is proven to be effective with both acute and chronic dysfunctions. Our practitioners are all highly skilled at identifying the underlying cause of your pain, and developing a treatment protocol tailored to your needs. Treatment will be administered with such precision and patience, which will allow your body time to register the sensation and react, release, and calm accordingly. Practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies pride themselves on treating the cause of your pain, not just the symptom. Whether you’re waking up with a sore neck, a sports related hamstring injury, chronic 10 year lower back pain, or poor posture, our practitioner will be able to eliminate your pain and get your back living your life to the fullest extent!  Experience Melbourne’s premier remedial massage today at one of our locations below.



Does it hurt?
Our massage is tailored to your individual pain tolerances. We also work with our customers to ensure there is adequate levels of comfort, relaxation, and effectiveness. We believe optimal healing occurs on the border of challenge and support. Treatment can be challenging, however we always offer support during this process. Effectiveness is the best measure of truth!

What's the difference between deep tissue massage & remedial massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is one of the tools employed by remedial therapists and affects the deepest layers of muscle and fascia. Remedial massage is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Is remedial massage the same as physiotherapy ?
No. Remedial Massage is treatment based on ‘hands on’ massage and bodywork in order to heal, relieve pain, and improve functionality. Some Physiotherapists use remedial massage as a modality to heal, however their treatment is more focused on exercise prescription.

How often should I get a massage?
Ideally once a week! Once a month at a minimum.

How many sessions will it take?
This is a very open ended question. It is dependant on the person, the presenting complaint, and how willing you are to change your habits, commit to a program, and alter thought processes. Some cases take 1 session, some take 6 months, some are ongoing!


Based in two locations, one in Richmond to serve our clients in the inner city of Melbourne and our Ferntree Gully clinic to serve the eastern suburbs, our goal is to help as many people as possible live pain-free.  Experience deep tissue massage as it should be.


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