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Is BACK PAIN stopping you from living your fullest life? Whether its playing sport, sleeping uninterrupted, working pain-free, or picking up your child, you should be able to live your life without pain!

Back pain treatment in Melbourne

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One of our Signature Lower Back Pain Treatment Techniques

If you’re looking for a back pain specialist massage in Melbourne and want to eliminate back pain so that you can be mobile again, you’ve come to the right place!

As lower back issues often involve the lumbar spine and surrounding nerves it can be an acute and painful experience. Muscles in the area will often seize up and ‘block’ or ‘guard’ movement as a type of defence mechanism to protect the point of injury.  This is why you may get a feeling of stiffness, sensitivity, and lack of mobility in an entire region or ‘chain’ of muscles.

Our technique involves slow and deep penetrating strokes at the sources/causes of the problem, to unravel and realign any knotted or dysfunctional tissues and send a message to the brain to help the tissues relax and stabilize.  Whether you’re a desk jockey with issues building up over time from bad posture, or you have pulled a muscle from a sporting injury or freak occurrence, we can get you back up and running like new again.


Using our 'cutting edge' deep tissue massage techniques, we aim to 'clean' the body of all pain, tension, stiffness, and restriction.


Once the foundations are clean and the pain has decreased, we aim to build strength, improve posture, enhance movement, and increase performance using our innovative Barefoot Exercise Rehab Techniques. 


Exercise to relieve Lower back pain

Back pain specialist massage


At Melbourne Muscular Therapies we have a two-pronged approach to treatment of dysfunction.  

1. The first is to ‘clean’ the body, by using our slow and penetrating technique which hits deep into the heart of the dysfunction and realigns and removes any irregularities in body tissues.  This ‘cleaning’ process repairs any acute issues such as pain or immobility, which is the perfect thing to bring you quickly back to physical function and health.

2. The second is to ‘build’ the body, through our specialised strength and conditioning programs.  By ‘build’ we mean realign and balance the body so that the muscular chains work in synergy, rather than having points of weakness.  If the body is unbalanced, then the muscles will compensate which places pressure on the surrounding structures, ultimately leading muscular tightness and fatigue.  Our ‘building’ programs are designed to ‘build up’ your weak points so that your movement pattern is permanently improved, which results in good posture and long-term sustainable physical health.

Have you always struggled to find effective, lasting relief for your chronic back pain? Do you find it difficult to bend over and pick up objects with confidence? Have you had a big session in the gym and hurt your back? Are you seeking permanent solutions to your pain? We’ve been helping people just like you for over 20 years. We commonly refer to ourselves as “the place to come when you’ve reached the end of your tether!” Check our testimonials and click below to book an effective back pain treatment today. 

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Why does my back hurt

Do you spend your days behind a desk? Injured yourself at the gym? Had a fall? Whatever the case may be, our practitioners will be able to help relieve your back pain and ultimately eliminate your pain.

What exercises help relieve back pain?

General movement is great for back pain. We very rarely recommend rest. For immediate relief, use a lacrosse ball directly onto the point that is causing your pain. You can also use this same ball to release your Glutes/Hips.

Is heat or ice best for back pain relief?

Heat, Heat, Heat! Heat will increase blood flow, and accelerate your bodies healing process. Ice or cold exposure is good for boosting vitality and can be administered by having an ice cold shower. We rarely advise direct ice treatment onto pain.

How can you help me?

We will thoroughly assess your history, posture, movement, and pain itself before treating your body with our signature Deep Tissue Massage techniques. Once we have you free from pain, we will strengthen your body to ensure your pain never returns. You can have a look here for more videos demonstrating the methods we use. 

What is the best treatment for lower back pain?

Our proven methods are supremely effective at eliminating back pain. The combination of Deep Tissue Fascial Massage and Barefoot Strength Training is the best treatment for Lower Back Pain.

How many sessions will it take?
This is a tricky question to answer. The length of time needed to completely relieve pain is dependant on many factors. Some people need 1 session, some people need many more!

Whats the best way to manage my back pain?

Regular Deep Tissue Massage and weekly Barefoot Strength Training will ensure your Back Pain will never bother you. Daily self-treatment using foam roller and lacrosse ball will help keep your Lower Back free and flexible.

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