Does Massage Help Lower Back Pain? YES!

Regular massage is paramount for maintaining a healthy, pain-free, and ultimately stress-free body. However, when Lower Back Pain really sets in and ‘hits you like a tonne of bricks’, it’s important to find the right massage therapist. If you think about pain in your body right now, I bet it’s tucked away close to a bone. Either right next to the spine, next to the hip bone, under the skull – wherever the pain is, it generally occurs right next to the bone. This is the same in nature. Think about your house. Where do leaves and debris collect when swirling in the breeze? Where do you put items that you rarely use? These items build up in corners, away from where there is a flow of movement. This is very important to think about when choosing the correct massage therapist. Do they work close to the bone? Do they have the intuition to hunt pain to its actual source and origin? Are they relentless with holding pressure on these points until the pain has been eliminated? If you are tired of not receiving adequate care with your massage, watch the videos below of how Lower Back Pain is treated through massage at Melbourne Muscular Therapies. 

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