Is Knee pain weighing you down?

Is Knee Pain stopping you from doing what you love? Are you struggling to exercise due to a sharp pain in your knee? Does you knee ache for no reason at all? Are you recovering from a sports related knee surgery? If so, we can help!

Knee Pain treatment in Melbourne

Intuitive & Targeted Knee Treatment 

Quadricep and Hip tightness can cause knee pain

If you want to eliminate knee pain so that you can be mobile again, you’ve come to the right place!

Knee pain can be both frustrating and debilitating. Depending on the dysfunction, pain can be felt as a sharp niggle, a deep ache, a feeling of instability, or a feeling, or a feeling of total restriction. Poor biomechanics and previous injury are two of the most common causes of knee pain. Due to sedentary lifestyles, muscles can become ‘out of whack’, with some muscles becoming tight and over-active and some weak and dormant. Distinguishing, which muscles are responsible for knee pain is paramount when developing a treatment plan. You practitioner at Melbourne Muscular Therapies will determine which of your muscles needs to be released, and which muscles need to be activated and strengthened. Previous injury, and scar-tissue can be another main cause of Knee Pain. Injuries to the ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and meniscus within the knee can cause varied levels of pain. It is important when recovering from a knee injury that you receive quality deep treatment to the knee itself to ensure no build  up of adhesive fascia and scar-tissue will cause you more pain.

Our technique involves slow and deep penetrating strokes at the sources/causes of the problem, to unravel and realign any knotted or dysfunctional tissues and send a message to the brain to help the tissues relax and stabilize.  Whether you’re a desk jockey with issues building up over time from bad posture, or you have pulled a muscle from a sporting injury or freak occurrence, we can get you back up and running like new again.


Using our ‘cutting edge’ deep tissue massage techniques, we aim to ‘clean’ the body of all pain, tension, stiffness, and restriction.


Once the foundations are clean and the pain has decreased, we aim to build strength, improve posture, enhance movement, and increase performance using our innovative Barefoot Exercise Rehab Techniques.


Aaron demonstrates a great way to relieve knee pain using a lacrosse ball

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Why does my knee hurt

Knee Pain is most commonly caused by dysfunctional biomechanics or previous injury.

What exercises help relieve knee pain?

Releasing tension within the quadriceps, TFL, lateral glute muscles, ITB, and lower hamstrings muscles can relieve tension and pain within the knee. Strengthening the glutes and quads can also minimise knee pain

Is heat or ice best for knee pain relief?

If you have just suffered a knee injury when there is significant swelling, Ice is recommended for the first 24-48 hours. Following this time, and for any chronic cases or knee pain, we recommend the use of heat. Heat will increase blood flow and allow the innate healing properties of the body to fire into action.

How can you help me?

Your practitioner at Melbourne Muscular Therapies will assess, treat, and relieve pain felt in the knee. We will determine what muscles need to be released, and what ones need strengthening. 


Based in two locations, one in Richmond to serve our clients in the inner city of Melbourne and our Ferntree Gully clinic to serve the eastern suburbs, our goal is to help as many people as possible live pain-free.  Experience deep tissue massage as it should be.


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