Fed Up with Osteitis Pubis or Ongoing Groin Pain?

Are you struggling to run, exercise or move due to a sharp, niggling pain in your groin? This pain may be in the groin itself, at the front of your hip, or even at the base of the stomach where your pubic bone is. This pain may be sharp during movement, then change to a deep ache at rest. 

Osteitis Pubis Treatment Melbourne

Overactivity and tension in the adductors can often lead to Osteitis Pubis and Pain around the Pubic Bone

The lower back and glutes are often implicated in osteitis pubis and will likely need treatment


If you can relate to this pain you may be suffering from Osteitis Pubis. This dysfunction can be acute at first, but if left untreated it can turn into a chronic pain that can inhibit even the most simple of tasks. This injury affects people who may have returned to exercise or sport after a long layoff, particularly those sports that require sudden changes of direction or a kicking motion. This condition is typically caused by poor biomechanics and muscle imbalances surrounding the hips and pelvis.

Here at Melbourne Muscular Therapies we have developed a treatment plan that has had great success with eliminating Osteitis Pubis. Because our hands on Deep Tissue Massage is so slow, deep and deliberate our practitioners are able to access your pain right at the source. By applying a deep sustained pressure to where the groin muscles attach to the pelvis, we are able to break down the tight, solidified and calcified tissue that has built up along the pubic bone.

Once your pain has been eliminated, you will be taken through an individualised rehabilitation program to correct any muscle imbalances, biomechanical or postural issues that may have caused the original pain.

Exercises to Assist In Relieving

Groin Pain

Chronic Osteitis Pubis Testimonial


How We Fix - OSTEITIS PUBIS | GROIN PAIN Melbourne Muscular Therapies - Richmond | Ferntree Gully co- written by Aaron Kiegaldie - General Manager | Senior Practitioner & Jason Cowland - Senior Practitioner DO NOT REST when you are suffering from Osteitis Pubis!...

Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis Pubis is a typical source of chronic groin discomfort in the football codes. It is an overuse injury. Meaning that it is caused by repetitive injury rather than a specific event. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for a certain event to induce the symptoms. It...

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