Osteitis Pubis is a typical source of chronic groin discomfort in the football codes. It is an overuse injury. Meaning that it is caused by repetitive injury rather than a specific event. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for a certain event to induce the symptoms.

It is best described as chronic groin pain, typically coming from the pubic symphysis, but affecting the entire groin and hip region. Symptoms can be severe and, if over-training and participation continues, chronic inflammation to the pubic symphysis and even bone stress to the pubis bones can occur.

The main cause of osteitis pubis is extreme muscular imbalance through the pelvic region, causing instability of the pelvic bones, which places stress on the pubic symphysis. This often occurs in footballers, as kicking predominately on one leg over time builds up a muscular imbalance, which compromises stability in the region.

Once the athlete has been diagnosed with osteitis pubis, the standard clinical approach is rest and passive treatment. However, the problem with prolonged rest is that it further weakens the muscles involved in the pelvic imbalance. Therefore, after resting, when the athlete resumes training, osteitis pubis symptoms soon return.

Melbourne Muscular Therapies strongly believes that by eliminating all the symptoms of osteitis pubis and allowing the athlete to undergo specific intense strengthening exercises, dedicated to eradicating muscular imbalances to the lumbopelvic region, that pain and instability from osteitis pubis can be eliminated for good. In fact we have many patients including AFL stars, Robert Murphy, Adam Cooney and Farren Ray, as proof that osteitis pubis can be fixed and in a very quick fashion.

MMT therapists will complete an assessment of what muscle imbalances are causing the symptoms of osteitis pubis. Every single muscle that attaches to the pelvis is addressed and all muscle tension eradicated through specific, deep and intentional penetration of the soft tissue. Tension and pain coming from ligamentous and tendinous tissue is eradicated through deep penetration of the tissue and moxabustion (a unique ancient Chinese heat treatment with amazing healing properties). Once the tension and pain from extremely tight muscles deep in the groin and hip region are eradicated, the patient will gain pain free movement, but they will still require the weak muscles and core/pelvic stabilising muscles causing the imbalance to be addressed.

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