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co- written by Aaron Kiegaldie – General Manager | Senior Practitioner & Jason Cowland – Senior Practitioner

  • DO NOT REST when you are suffering from Osteitis Pubis!
  • Sustained Deep Tissue Massage to Pubic Region
  • Muscular Activation – Retrain Human Biomechanics Patterning
  • Barefoot Functional Power Training
  • Barefoot Functional Sprint/Patterning Training  

If you are suffering/have suffered from Osteitis Pubis or any form of groin dysfunction, chances are you have been told that rest is your only option. You also probably know that ‘rest’ rarely works, and can often make the pain even worse! The pain in your groin/pelvis will return and worsen once you resume exercising/moving again. Here at Melbourne Muscular Therapies, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in Osteitis Pubis elimination. We have helped countless numbers of professional athletes, including many high-profile AFL Footballers. We know that we have discovered the most effective and efficient way to rehabilitate Osteitis Pubis and any other forms of groin/adduction/pelvic dysfunction. Combining a mixture of our signature Deep Tissue Massage/Bodywork and Neuromuscular Functional Power Training, therapists at Melbourne Muscular Therapies can guarantee the elimination on your Osteitis Pubis and Groin Pain. 

What is Osteitis Pubis?

ADductor PicOsteitis Pubis is an overuse injury characterised by calcification, tissue damage and inflammation along the pubic bone (Pubic Symphysis), most commonly at the attachment site of the adductor musculature. This injury usually presents with a sharp, niggly pain along the pubic bone and throughout the groin, adductors, hips and deep within the stomach. This dysfunction can feel quite acute at first, however can quickly develop into a chronic condition that continues to worsen over time if left untreated. Osteitis Pubis is commonly experienced by Athletes (Professional and Amateur), in particular those returning to activity after a layoff. This dysfunction is typically seen in sports/activities that require quick changes in direction, and where asymmetrical load is placed on the pelvis – typified by a kicking motion (AFL, Soccer etc). Osteitis Pubis is commonly directly related to Lower Back Pain and Hip Pain due to the compensation that occurs throughout the hips and pelvis. Osteitis Pubis is associated with the Deep Front Line (Anatomy Trains), therefore can be implicated in many forms of dysfunction within the body. 
OP PicPubic InflammDeep front line


Some of the common compensatory patterns we see within our cliental presenting with Osteitis Pubis/Groin Pain, is tightness throughout the Hip Flexor Musculature (Illiacus, Psoas, TFL, Rectus Femoris, Sartorius). This tightness/restriction inhibits the ability of movement into hip extension, which ultimately renders the posterior chain weak (in particular the Glute and Hamstring Complex). Furthermore, this compensation will see Lumbar stiffness due to lack of Gluteal Function. Quadratus Lumborum and Gluteus Medius dysfunction will cause back pain, which can start a domino effect of dysfunction within the body!

How We Fix – Osteitis Pubis | Groin Pain

Deep Tissue Massage| SCT Release| Remedial Massage

Osteitis Pubis is typically a condition that is treated with caution and reluctance. Many Physiotherapists and Sports Physicians will be hesitant to get the the cause/source of the pain and as previously stated, will advise rest. In some ridiculous cases, we have had cliental that have been prescribed Ice to help their dysfunction! Ice is a big NO NO for treating Osteitis Pubis.



Because our hands-on Deep Tissue Massage (SCT Release)  is deep, slow and deliberate, practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies are able to access the pain right at the source (on the bone)(See Video). Deep sustained pressure on these points allows us to breakdown the tight, solidified and calcified tissue that has built up along the pubis bone, at the attachment site of the hip adductor and pelvic muscles. Practitioner and Client will work together to clean out the entire pelvic system. The client will give the practitioner feedback has to exactly where the pain is presenting. This form of tactful sustained massage eliminates the pain, increases mobility and allows progression into the Functional Strength phase of rehabilitation. The Functional Power Training phase aims at introducing precise bio-mechanical patterning to the hip complex, activating the strengthening the Glute/Hamstring complex and ultimately increasing strength and stability within the Hip, Adductor and Pelvic system.

Muscular Activation| Barefoot Power Training| Strength & Rehabilitation | Functional Patterning

The first phase of the Barefoot Strengthening Component to Osteitis Pubis rehabilitation involves the retraining of simple human biomechanics as well as muscular activation. Retraining the squat, lunge and hip hinge (think deadlift movement) is paramount. Gluteal, adductor and hip musculature activation is also involved in this initial phase (See Video). Following on from this, cliental are entered into our Functional Barefoot Power Training Programming. The two components of this program are the Foundational Deadlift and the Primal Power Squat. Our Foundational Deadlift is aimed at increasing strength and stability within the posterior chain musculature, in particular the Glute/Hamstring Complex. The Primal Power Squat is the most important lift within the program that must be completed with precision. The Primal Power Squat is a deep, wide stance functional squat that focuses on Core, Glute and Adductor strength and function. The depth of the squat allows for maximal adductor/pelvic load which rapidly increases strength through the core and pelvic musculature. Once biomechanics and control of this Primal Power Squat is perfectly executed on a regular basis, Osteitis Pubis does not return. Pelvic stability and strength is restored, and progression to our Functional Training can commence. Once proficient at the previously stated lifts, Functional Movement Training can be implemented in the rehabilitative program. Barefoot sprint, acceleration, deceleration, landing and agility training must be completed in order for these strength gains to be applied into a specific functional environment.

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