An easy to follow guide on why you might have suffering from Sciatica, and how practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies can help you overcome your pain!


Here at Melbourne Muscular Therapies, we specialise in fixing people that are suffering from nerve pain and sciatica. A majority of sufferers believe that once they have sciatica; they are stuck with it. In nearly all scenarios, this is not the case.

Sciatica generally is associated with lower back related pain in the leg. The sciatic nerve originates through nerve roots in the lumbar spine, and travels down the entirety of the leg to the heel. ‘Sciatica’ occurs when there is compression of this nerve somewhere along this particular pathway. Compression can occur due to spinal injury (disc related pathology, facet joint jamming), muscular tension, or nerve damage. Practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies Richmond and Kilsyth are equipped with the massage techniques and functional exercises that can eliminate Sciatica! 


People with sciatica often wonder, why and how it happens? Here are a few reasons why;
o MUSCULAR TENSION | POOR BIOMECHANICS/MOVEMENT – Sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement can cause muscular fixations (shortening/tightness), muscular tension and muscular laxity (weakness/elongation). These dysfunctions can cause Sciatic pain through either compression of the nerve or creation of lumbar and pelvic instability during movement. Muscular dysfunction can also create painful trigger points, which can mimic symptoms of sciatica.  
o POSTURAL ASYMMETRIES – Following on from the previous points, when there are muscular fixations caused by poor movement – postural asymmetries can arise. Pelvic tilts, rotations and shifts can cause compression of the nerve roots in the lumbar spine and the sciatic nerve. 
o INJURY TO THE SPINE eg. Disc related injuries including slipped disc, herniated disc, degeneration or arthritis, spondylolisthesis often cause nerve root irritation and symptoms of discs are nearly exactly of those of sciatica due to the fact they all irritate the surrounding nerve lines.

In many cases, a once off movement can bring on sciatic pain. Lifting something, rotating, bending can all increase sciatic symptoms. Whatever the reason may be, practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies will be able to help!


Practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies will aim to reduce nerve compression at all costs! Using our Solidified Connective Tissue Release Massage Techniques to treat the spine and surrounding musculature, we will target the areas in need and eliminate pain/compression. This deep, slow and tactful massage technique will not only target areas causing compression, it will also clear other stagnant tissue in order to increase muscular activation upon movement. Adhesive debris filled tissue will be eliminated to ensure the nerve pathways are clean, clear and pain-free. Some of the targeted areas are listed below:

    • Lumbopelvic Joint – ” Money Spot”
    • Lumbar Lamina Groove – Lower Back Musculature
    • QL
    • Head of the Femur – Glutes
    • Psoas | Illiacus | Hip Flexors
    • Hamstrings | ITB | Calf 



Following your treatment, your practitioner will advise you on your posture, how to hold yourself, how to move and also give you a home rehab program. This home rehab program will mostly consist of Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) using tools like spikey balls, foam rollers, medicine balls and theracanes. Awareness of posture and self myofascial release work will form the basis of your home rehab. Each week, your practitioner will introduce new corrective strengthening exercises in order to ensure that your pain never returns! 


Credit: Functional Patterns – Power of Posture

Not all sciatica is the same. Some people are fixed after one session, some take six months. However, we can ensure that your practitioner at Melbourne Muscular Therapies will endeavour to eliminate your pain at all costs!



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