Sciatica | Piriformis Syndrome

How one small muscle can cause debilitating nerve pain

Piriformis_muscle_sciaticaSciatica can be one of the most debilitating dysfunctions that one can suffer. Constant aches, burning nerve pain, and numbness are all trademarks of Sciatica, and can be felt in the Back, Glutes, Legs and Feet. Sciatica can either present as acute or chronic pain – with some people suffering from 10 to 20 years of constant pain. One muscle that can be responsible for all these symptoms is, Piriformis. When tight and over-active, Piriformis can clamp and irritate the Sciatic Nerve, which can produce the symptoms mentioned. 

What Is The Piriformis Muscle

ThDeep front linee Piriformis is a muscle in the gluteal region and is one of six lateral femur rotators. It originates on the anterior portion of the sacrum, travels through the greater sciatic foramen and attaches to the greater trochanter on the femur. It’s tendons join with other lateral hip rotator tendons – all grouped within the Deep Front Line (Tom Miers). The Piriformis laterally rotates the femur with hip extension, and abducts the femur with hip flexion. Strength within the Pirformis is important as it is strongly implicated in walking, running (gait) and counter-acting functions of the Glute Med/Min (Knee Tracking)

Sciatica | Piriformis Syndrome

Psciatica piriformis syndromeiriformis Syndrome is defined as “when the Piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve”. The Sciatic Nerve generally passes beneath Piriformis, this is common in 81% of the population. In 17% of the population, the nerve actually courses straight through the middle of Piriformis. These people are at a higher risk of developing ‘Piriformis Syndrome’, as any tightness/shortening within the muscle will result in some form of clamping of the nerve. Pain from this nerve irritation presents as a sharp, numb, tingling and burning pain felt within the buttock and down the Sciatic Nerve. Symptoms can worsen with innocuous movements and daily activities such as, walking, squatting, stretching and exercising. 

Practitioner at Melbourne Muscular Therapies are experts at eliminating Piriformis Syndrome and all Sciatic Nerve Pain. Using our highly regarded SCT Release massage techniques, we are able to precisely target Piriformis in order to release over-active tension and allow efficient function of the Sciatic Nerve. Treatment will normally be associated with a deep-ache within the glute and referred pain down the leg – this is feedback that the Piriformis is releasing and returning to it’s original state. Post-treatment, you should feel immediate relief from pain within the glute and down the Sciatic Nerve. Our massage techniques are so effective, that immediate relief from pain is a common result within our clinic.


If you have been suffering from Piriformis Syndrome or any form of Sciatica Nerve Pain – Please book online at or call 9998-1988 

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