How To Fix – Lower Back Pain

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written by Aaron Kiegaldie – General Manager/Senior Practitioner 
  • Genuine Care | True Connection Between Practitioner and Client
  • Deep Tissue Massage | Myofascial Release | Muscular Therapy | Bodywork
  • Muscular Activation
  • Barefoot Functional Power Training

mmt-disfunctions-bg-male-model-halfEveryone at some point in their life will suffer from some form of Lower Back Pain. Although most of these people can manage their back pain, unfortunately others aren’t so lucky. In the current ‘fear mongering’ and ‘scare tactic’ world that is the health industry, many people have been forced to believe that their Lower Back Pain is part of their DNA, something that they will be stuck with for the rest of their life. Due to gaps in knowledge, greed and a lack of genuine care shown by practitioners in our industry, a vast majority of the public believe they have no option left. It is an isolated, depressing state that we see all too much during Initial Consultations with Chronic Lower Back Pain sufferers. This is where Melbourne Muscular Therapies differs…

Built on principles of genuine care, love of community and the drive to improve functional health one person at a time, Melbourne Muscular Therapies has been helping sufferers of Chronic Lower Back Pain for over 15 years. Practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies believe that true healing cannot occur until genuine rapport and connection is made between practitioner and client. When given the right conditions, care and stimulus, the body has an amazing innate ability to heal itself.

How We Fix Lower Back Pain

Deep Tissue Massage | Muscular Therapy | Remedial Massage

Practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies are proficient in our internally developed form of Deep Tissue Massage – Solidified Connective Tissue Release (SCT Release). This form of massage is slow, tactful, deliberate and precise in order to release/melt down solidified tension, restore posture, increase mobility and most importantly eliminate pain. Due to our hands-on massage being so slow and deliberate, we are able to access tension and pain within the body that no other form of massage can. It is for this reason, that our form of massage is regarded as the best within our industry. Below is a short video outlining just one of the many ways practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies can eliminate Lower Back Pain. 


Muscular Activation | Barefoot Functional Power Training | Strength Training

The next step in the process of eliminating Lower Back Pain occurs in the gym. Weakness, muscular imbalance and poor biomechanics/patterning are almost always implicated in Lower Back Pain. This strengthening process is fundamentally important throughout this journey. Clients are taken through a series of Neuro-Muscular Activation Exercises in order to activate muscles that have atrophied, lost tone, and that are typically weakened. Muscles that are implicated in Lower Back Pain that commonly need activating are Transverse Abdominus (TVA/Core), Glute Max, Glute Med, Glute Min, TFL, QL, Psoas and the Plantar Fascia. 

Image result for deep core diagramGlute Diagram



Once proficiently activated, clients will then be taken through the two major components of our Barefoot Power Training Program. The ‘Foundational Deadlift’ and the ‘Primal Power Squat’ are fundamental multi-joint lifts that increase raw strength and power, whilst also improving biomechanics, patterning and posture. Performing these heavy lifts whilst barefoot and in perfect posture will increase strength, eliminate pain and cement positive postural changes. Below is a video that demonstrates how to perfectly perform our Foundational Deadlift in order to increase function of the Posterior Chain Musculature, in particular the Glute and Hamstring Complex. 


If you are suffering from Acute/Chronic Lower Back Pain and want permanent solutions to your pain, please book online at 

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