Fix Neck Pain From Home!

How frustrating is it to wake up with a sore neck?! Maybe you’re more prone to getting the afternoon blues at your desk, feeling the urge to grab at your neck to get some relief?  Sometimes you just can’t get in to see someone right away, so what can you do from home to help alleviate your neck pain?

When you’re neck hurts, there is plenty you can do right away to help ease your pain! The following points are the big 3 when trying to alleviate your neck pain:

  • Self Massage
  • Heat
  • Compression

Self massage, if done correctly, can be very effective at easing the symptoms of neck pain. Watch the following video to get an idea of how you can fix your own pain from home using household products!

Heat and compression are also vitally important to help alleviate these symptoms. Both these tips aim to increase blood flow and protection throughout the area, which will allow the healing process to commence. 

If you feel as if self massage isn’t fully able to heal your neck pain, we encourage you to book in to see one of our incredible practitioners so you can experience a massage at Melbourne Muscular Therapies. Watch the below video which showcases exactly how we treat neck pain with a massage at Melbourne Muscular Therapies: