If you suffer from ongoing pain deep in the hip, it is most likely that you are overloading the intrinsic (the deepest) muscles that rotate your leg. This pain can often be misdiagnosed as a condition of the hip joint itself, and in some more extreme cases we have seen clients who have undergone scans & arthroscopes only to find nothing wrong. Hint… it’s the muscles, and xrays only show bony abnomalities!

Even in the event of having your hip pain correctly diagnosed, your intrinsic muscles are difficult to acces for a therapist and often aren’t treated at all due to the bulk of the superficial gluteal muscles (and no Im’ not saying you have a big ….). This is where we can help!

It takes an intuitive and experienced practitioner to effectively access these areas. Luckily for you, all of Melbourne Muscular Therapies practitioner are exactly that. We invest time into our practitioners to ensure that they can have an immediate effect on your condition. MMT practitioners are all trained in a unique technique called SCT Release? that is precisely what’s required to acess the deepest intrinsic muscles going around, no matter how much superficial bulk their is :). SCT Release? stands for solidified connective tissue release and is a combination of deep tissue manipulation and myofascial release. SCT Release is dedicated to melting away the restricted connective tissue causing your pain and dysfunction. SCT Release is the most concentrated, deep and effective style of hands-on treatment available for chronic pain and restriction. You won?t simply have your muscles relaxed, only to have the tension and pain return. Your specific problem areas will be targeted, with the aim of long-term permanent relief.

On top of that, once we have your released the solidified tissue you will be put through our individual strength training programs. Neuromuscular Facilitation (NMF) Power Training? is a unique form of rehabilitative exercise. It works to stretch all of your tight tissues and strengthen all of your weak tissues, all in the one movement. With every session your body is restored closer to a symmetrical and pain free state of being. (there will be more on this in an upcoming edition).

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