Teen woman with headache holding her hand to the head

Messy Migraine Pain, Massive Migraine Pain, or Managing Migraine Pain – TMJ Dysfunction – HOW MASSAGE AT MELBOURNE MUSCULAR THERAPIES CAN HELP!

written by Natalie Rinaldi

Practitioners at Melbourne Muscular Therapies Richmond are proficient at delivering the most ‘cutting-edge’ functional massage in order to eliminate migraine pain and TMJ dysfunction. Tight and restricted soft-tissue muscle can cause migraines – the massage techniques available at Melbourne Muscular Therapies is proven to ‘melt away’ these issues relating to migraines.

There is nothing worse than starting or ending the day with a headache or migraine.  Headaches/Migraines are a common occurrence in over half of our client’s here at Melbourne Muscular Therapies. A lot of people believe that headaches/migraines come from overworking, stress, poor posture or, from the neck and shoulders.  All these things are true; however are not the only thing that can bring on a headache. Headaches/Migraines can also be caused by your TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint. TMJ (found on either side of your face in front of each ear) is the joint which connects the bones of your skull to your jaw.  Ever had sore cheeks and not sure why? Or sounds of a popping or clicking noise as your open and close your jaw? Maybe pain when chewing or eating or even a locking of the jaw or mouth? These are only some but all these signs are related to your TMJ.  However, did you know that TMJ dysfunction can also cause referral pain to the front of the face around your eyes, to the top or back of the head, into the neck and shoulders and bring on quite extreme and long lasting headaches/migraines?  


Dysfunction within the TMJ can result from a number of things, these include;

  • Teeth grinding or clenching of jaw (this is usually done subconsciously usually while asleep)
  • Previous injury/surgery to the face and jaw
  • Arthritis in the jaw or surrounding joints
  • Braces/Plates/Mouthguard (things that manipulate or cause teeth movement)
  • Stress


What can we do to help? Here at Melbourne Muscular Therapies, we release the TMJ in 3 ways;

      1. We begin by using what were known best for SCT Release (Solidified Connective Tissue Release) deep tissue massage technique.  This is the process in which we use a slow technique to release solidified or damaged tissue build up which may be present deep in the TMJ joint or area affected.
      2. We then use what we like to call our ‘scoops massage technique’ to scoop out areas of adhesive tissue within the joint, which may be causing the dysfunction or pain ie headaches, shoulder pain, face and jaw discomfort or a combination of all.
      3. Lastly, we work with clients and go through PRT (Positional Release Massage Therapy) which is a technique that involves us holding spots of discomfort and allowing the client to go through jaw movements as we keep the pressure applied.  This technique aims to affect the resting length of tissue and muscles- in this case we are wanting to lengthening these, as the tightness in the joint and around the face is what is causing that build-up of discomfort and pain.  With the client going through a range of jaw movements it also allows us access further inside the joint as these movements open and closes the TMJ, giving us access to every part of the joint itself.


How can you stop this from happening? What can be done to avoid the TMJ dysfunction or my headaches and migraines from coming back?  Following massage therapy, we will develop a functional training program in order to strengthen areas of the body needed in order to regulate and maintain migraines and TMJ dysfunction. Strengthening the deep neck flexors, middle/lower trap fibres in order to improve posture is paramount to keeping migraine and TMJ pain in check. 

If you have headaches or migraines or any other symptoms mentioned above, book in to see us at Melbourne Muscular Therapies, we are masters of eliminating pain and we are happy to help!

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