If you are a person who experiences muscular or joint pain and feel as if you have attempted every therapy option there is without much success you could look in to Myotherapy treatment.

Our Richmond Myotherapist’s specialise in your muscles and are therefore ideally suited to ease deep muscle and joint discomfort. It has been found that when muscles are placed under strain; trigger points, commonly called knots, form in these areas and result in localised pain.
These knots can also result in problems with gross and fine motor motions in people. Myotherapy has proved to be successful at treating conditions such as lower back pain, osteitis pubis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and migraines just to name a few.

Myotherapy combines many sorts of treatments that target the trigger point to help reduce discomfort. Myotherapist can make use of deep tissue massages, ischemic compression, cupping, dry needling, and corrective workouts as treatments and therapies to assist treat and decrease muscle discomfort. Myotherapy targets the root cause of the pain by using a selection of therapies to rise above the physical pain and damages triggered by the trigger points. The wide range of treatment options also enable a personalised therapy plan to suit your individual need. A myotherapist will prepare unique therapy plan tailored especially to target the specific muscles that are creating you the discomfort.

Given that Myotherapy differs from massage treatment in that, it uses a variety of different strategies and treatment choices instead of a single type of therapy. It is a much more extensive way of curing deep tissue muscle discomfort.

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