Feeling stiff in the mornings? Cannot turn your head to reverse your vehicle out of the driveway?

All of us understand that a sore neck is well … a pain in the neck essentially! Exactly how does it get that way? What triggers it? Is it stress, do you sit at a home computer all day staring at your display or are the muscles of your upper back and neck doing all the work without any type of support?


Individuals often hold tension in the neck area due to mental and emotional stress. The most effective method to explain why your body holds neck stress in this area is as follows:

When you feel happy and positive your neck and shoulder go back and your chest pushes out.

On the other hand, when you are sad and depressed your shoulders hunch forward and your neck drops down to close you off and guard you from the outside globe. The physical changes and neck pain that these two different emotional states source are so noticeable that other individuals can take up when you are feeling great or bad on a certain day, merely by observing your change in neck posture.


Sitting in front of a laptop or at a work desk for long periods of time will create fatigue in the muscles of your neck and body that are designed to stabilise your posture. As these stabilising muscles come to be worn down, even more tons is placed on the neck in addition to muscles made to support and move your neck and shoulders. Due to the long periods of included lots these muscles wear down also and start to tighten up (agreement) producing discomfort and tensionin the area.

Recurring actions will also trigger the muscles in your upper back, shoulder and neck regions to come to be fatigued, triggering excess knots and tension. For example, a storeperson packing boxes for long periods of time, or a hair stylist holding their arms out cutting hair all day, help to create neck pain.


Tension present in the neck is eliminated with deep tissue therapy. Our neck pain removal strategies are created to lengthen the tight muscles in the neck and remove tension (knots). The very best way to clarify just what we do is using the analogy of Blu-Tack. When Blu-Tack is cold and you take it apart it snaps, however as you manipulate it, the friction and heat from your hands makes the compound flexible so you can mould it to the shape you desire. The sheath surrounding your muscles (fascia) is no different, this is why when you have a sore neck, it is at its worst when you awaken in the morning; if you move your neck and try to stretch it out, there is a catching sensation. Nevertheless, as you condition, even more motion is permitted and discomfort subsides.

Your muscles and fascia are warmed through the heat and friction of our hands. When the tissue comes to be flexible, we slowly extend the muscles and eliminate trigger points (knots). The strokes we make use of are instinctive, sluggish and deliberate, suggesting that we will certainly reach your pain producing spots without you even telling us. Successfully, your muscle and fascia is worked back into its resting (discomfort free of charge) state, giving you discomfort alleviation. As the tissue cools down it remains set in its appropriate position.

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