Jason Cowland

Clinic Owner & Senior Practitioner 

* Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy

* ANTA Association Member

* Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness 

* Registered with all Major Health Funds

Jason is a dedicated therapist who has a focussed interest in finding the cause of his client’s pain.

This process involves providing Functional Movement Assessments, exploring for underlying asymmetries that may be causing dysfunctional movement patterns that lead to pain.

Following this process Jason combines effective hands-on treatment (Solidified Connective Tissue Release – SCT Release) to eliminate pain, with prescribing corrective exercises to clients that will help to regain activation in areas of the body that have become inactive due to pain. As clients gain greater awareness of movement and activation, Jason transitions into teaching how to safely and effectively perform a Foundational Deadlift and Primal Power Squat (Neuro-Muscular Facilitated Power Training).  NMF Power Training will improve posture, movement and overall strength throughout the body. Jason believes mastering the Foundational Deadlift and Primal Power Squat is the only way to effectively eliminate pain from within the body, and the only way to effectively cement change within the body, whether it be an acute work or sports injury or chronic pain.

Jason plays Senior Football for the Nullawil Football Club in North Western Victoria.  This helps him to maintain empathy when helping professional, amateur and recreational athletes recovering from pain or injury.

Having a personal experience with playing multiple sports as given Jason greater knowledge of how to train specific movements and muscle groups to effectively regain the strength, power, speed and agility to return to playing sport or competing.Jason has had experience working with professional athletes spending a year working with North Melbourne Football Club (AFL)
It’s time to take a stand. Strive for a healthier life and a healthier you!

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Monday: 9am-8pm

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Ferntree Gully

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30 mins - $90

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60 mins - $135

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Based in two locations, one in Richmond to serve our clients in the inner city of Melbourne and our Ferntree Gully clinic to serve the eastern suburbs, our goal is to help as many people as possible live pain-free.  Experience deep tissue massage as it should be.


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Melbourne Muscular Therapies

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Melbourne Muscular Therapies

1/91 Dorset Road

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