Marcus Sinfield

Founder/Director & Senior Practitioner

* Diploma of Remdial Massage

* Massage & Myotherapy Australia Member

* Cert 3 & 4 Strength & Conditioning

* Registered with all Major Health Funds

Marcus specialises in deep tissue treatment. He is passionate and committed to providing treatment and advice that will enable you to obtain the optimal results for your body. Marcus is fortunate to have trained with Master Practitioner Robert Young in Postural Integration. This work looks at a person from a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The tactile work focusses specifically on the fascia, the strokes are derived from rolfing. The conceptual part of the work was derived from Reich, Steiner and Lowen. Marcus has evolved his own style from these concepts, through his intuition and experience. As a result he is able to melt some of the most stubborn, embedded blocked up tension in the body that has been derived from physiological and/or emotional sources, and later provide the support required during his patient’s healing phase.

Marcus has been practicing as a professional therapist since 1999. During this time he has treated many different types of injuries and conditions with a great deal of success. Marcus works with a wide range of people, from teenagers to people in their eighties. Marcus is particularly proud of his work with the AFL clubs Western Bulldogs and Carlton. Plus many players from other AFL Clubs including St. Kilda, North Melbourne & Brisbane. He has also worked with Olympic and Commonwealth Gamres track athletes.

His success in fixing common injuries such as recurrent hamstring tears, chronic ankle pain and osteo pubis with extremely fast results has made his services highly sought after in a variety of disciplines. Marcus has a background in basketball, AFL and sprinting. He has a keen interest in raw plant based diets, detoxification, speed and power development and assisting people in reaching their potential with regards to health and wellbeing.

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Based in two locations, one in Richmond to serve our clients in the inner city of Melbourne and our Ferntree Gully clinic to serve the eastern suburbs, our goal is to help as many people as possible live pain-free.  Experience deep tissue massage as it should be.


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Melbourne Muscular Therapies

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