How To Fix Calf Pain!

If you suffer from persistent calf pain, i’m sure you would know how frustrating it can be to be able to exercise and move freely! No matter what you do, whenever you get out of first gear your calf/calves tighten and sometimes POP! If you can relate to this feeling – then this blog is FOR YOU! 

Our clinics based in Richmond and Kilsyth offer the deepest, most effective forms of deep tissue and remedial massage. Our ‘cutting edge’ massage techniques aim to clean out all forms of adhesion, tension, and pain from your calves. Watch the above video to get a little taste of exactly how our massage can clean your calf! Chronic calf dysfunction is usually due to two issues:


Poor posture and movement mechanics can cause the calves to overwork as they try to pick up the slack of under-active muscles such as the Glutes, Hamstrings and Plantar Fascia. In addition to this, when the calf suffers reoccurring injury and it mistreated – scarring and adhesive connective tissue within the calf can build up which significantly increases the chance of re-injury. 

It is very important to deal with calf issues ASAP once injured, as our massage techniques can speed up the recovery process, and ensure that re-injury does not occur.

Sometimes, other muscles surrounding the lower leg can be causing the calf to become injured. Watch the below video to see how treating the shin can not only improve shin splint pain, but also improve the calf. 

There are plenty of techniques you can start to employ in the comfort of your own home! Self massage on a daily basis is very important if you want to live a pain-free life. If you want to know how to release your lower leg yourself using household products, watch the below video of Aaron offering his best tips!

If you can relate to this post and are craving some relief to your chronic calf complaints – Please book online to see one of our practitioners at either Richmond or Kilsyth so we can fully eliminate your calf pain today!

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