by Kobie Somerfield 

Anxiety is a chronic state of fight or flight, a relenting surge of energy.  When you can’t turn it off, can you let it out?!

Anxiety is a chronic state of flight or flight also called the sympathetic state. The state of fight or flight is not the problem. It is a highly useful state that keeps us alert, hyped, on our toes and ready for anything. Getting stuck in this buzz is anxiety. 

There are so many techniques to quiet, dull and turn off this response. BUT what about when you feel like you CAN’T turn off it off? Perhaps what you actually need is to actually LET IT OUT?! 

A point of view on stress and anxiety: When that sympathetic rush of energy is quietened, dulled and not released, it gets stuck inside us and it goes off like fireworks inside our heads instead. 

The sympathetic state is NORMAL and made for literal fight or flight. In our modern society however, we don’t do a lot of REAL fight or flight. How often do you find yourself physically bolting off instinct? How often do you find yourself in a real physical push and shove fight? NEVER! But how often do you feel like letting out one of the above? 

Again, sympathetic energy is not the enemy. That rush that allows us accomplish amazing feats! IT’S TIME TO USE IT! 

There are safe and effective ways to release sympathetic energy it’s important that we all have an outlet. 

NEED TO LET OUT FLIGHT? Actually bolt. Running is one of the most natural and normal actions for your body. Have you been to sprint club yet?  Ninja has created a bare foot sprint club that allows you to run, sprint and bolt at 100%. Think you don’t know how to run? Believe me, if you’re human, it’s a pure instinct. It’s time to let out flight. 

NEED TO LET OUT FIGHT? Find yourself in the category of FIGHT? FIGHT is a normal human instinct and if that energy is there, there are some awesome outlets for it. Have you been to Melbourne Muscular Therapies’ Barefoot Brother’s yet? The boys have created an environment where that energy is not shunned but EMBRACED, used and LET OUT. These sessions involve series of explosive exercises that allow you to let go. Here there is no need to hide that tension. It’s time to let out fight. 


Visit Melbourne Muscular Therapies Website, YouTube Channel and Instagram for videos and more information on sprint club and barefoot brothers. See you at the next session! 

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