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Melbourne Muscular Therapies is Melbourne’s leading Sciatica Pain Massage Clinic. Experts in eliminating sciatic pain symptoms, Melbourne Sciatic Clinic practitioners will develop individualised treatment plans in order to relieve sciatic pain. Using our internally developed Solidified Connective Tissue Release (SCT Release), we are able to release musculoskeletal adhesions/restriction in order to allow efficient function of the nervous system – in particular the Sciatic Nerve and all peripheral structures. Releasing muscular structures can also decompress the spine and improve posture, which assists in releasing pressure off possibly affected nerve roots. Regardless of the type of sciatic symptoms felt, practitioners at Melbourne Sciatic Clinic will be able to offer permanent solutions to sciatic pain. 

Dermatome - SciaticaSciatic Pain is commonly referred to as a ‘pain in the leg’, which is the words literal translation. Pain can often present as a sharp, burning, tingling, pins and needles type feeling in the Back, Glute, Leg or Foot. This pain is either caused by compression/pinching of a nerve root within the back (Facet Joint Compression, Disc Bulge/Protusion/Extrusion) – or by tight musculature which can also compress the sciatic nerve. Piriformis, Hamstrings, QL, Psoas and other large muscular structures of the hip and leg can entrap the sciatic nerve, which can cause pain at the sight and also down the leg. Using a dermatome and nerve chart, you can track exactly where your compression may be occurring within the Lower Back/Spine. 

Stereotypical aggressive stretching can cause these symptoms to worsen – It is advised that you contact us if you feel these are your symptoms. We will fix it!

The following videos display some of our techniques used in order to relieve and eliminate symptoms of Sciatica. 

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